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Over Complicating Your Workout

by Gary Vestal on Oct 09, 2022

Over Complicating Your Workout

Your Workout Doesn't Have To Be Complicated!

In today's world, we are distracted all day long, by notifications, text messages, and social media feeds, our mind is constantly firing neurons at over 1 million zaps per minute which gets pretty exhausting. The same thing happens to us when we are at the gym trying to get a good workout in. One of the major things we are guilty of is letting our smartphones distract us while trying to stay focused in the gym. Putting your phone in DO NOT DISTURB goes a long way. 

You can stay focused by eliminating distractions at the gym. Here are a few things we can do to stay focused and not overwhelmed especially if you are a beginner who is just getting into the gym world.

1. Plan your workouts...

No matter what we do, planning things out makes our thought process easier to accommodate and we can knock out tasks and workloads pretty quickly without our brains firing in one thousand different directions. These tips work great if you are starting a new week but pre-plan your workouts a day or two before your actual workout can make things a lot smoother. Remember we should always take 2 rest days if you are an active gym goer, and for those just starting take 2-3 days of rest days so your body can recover. Remember there are different muscle groups in your body, and we can't work on all of them on the same day. For most of us, we like to focus on Chest and triceps on Monday and rotate them out. If that is confusing, let's say that Monday is chest and triceps, Tuesday could be back and biceps, and so on. 

2. Know your next workout...

Keep a notepad or use an app that tracks your workouts while you are currently working on a set. By keeping notes of your workouts, you won't have to second guess yourself. When the time comes to work the next workout you already know how far along you are at your sets for the day, and the next day you can do the same and start building a routine. 

3. 80% Mental Toughness and 20% outlook

We have all heard of the old proverb, dress like you mean it. When it comes to getting fit and having a great workout, most of the time it is a mental toughness thing. Don't dwell on the fact your workout is not everything you expected when you show up to the gym dressing like you're home lying on the couch and watching Netflix. Show up and dressing up in the right attire will help you put your mind in the right state of focus. 


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