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Three Simple Ideas to Get Your Kids Excited About Leg Day

by Gary Vestal on Jan 18, 2023

Three Simple Ideas to Get Your Kids Excited About Leg Day

Exercise is an important part of any child’s overall health and development. With the current pandemic, it can be hard for kids to get in their daily recommended amount of physical activity. One way to help make sure your children stay fit and healthy is by encouraging them to have a “leg day” every week. Here are three simple ideas you can use to inspire your kids to have a great leg day.

Find Fun Exercises That They Enjoy

The key to inspiring your kids to have a great leg day is making sure that they are doing exercises that they actually enjoy doing. If they find the exercise fun and engaging, then they will be much more likely to want to do it regularly. Research what kind of exercises might be interesting for them or try out some new ones together as a family. It may take some trial and error, but eventually, you’ll find something that sticks!

Use Rewards as Motivation

Another great way to motivate your kids is by using rewards as incentives for doing their leg day routine each week. You can reward them with stickers, small toys, or even just verbal encouragement - whatever works best for them! This will help foster positive habits that will last long after the pandemic has ended and help ensure that your children stay active throughout the school year.

Make it Social

Exercise doesn’t have to be done alone! Make it social by having friends join in on their leg day routines or by joining an online class together over video chat. This will encourage your children to stay motivated and engaged with their leg days while also giving them a chance to bond with their peers—all from the comfort of home!


Leg day is an important part of any child’s health regimen and can easily become a regular weekly activity if given the right motivation and resources. By finding fun exercises that they enjoy, using rewards as motivation, and making it social through online classes or virtual meet-ups with friends, you can create an environment where having a good leg day is something that your kids look forward too rather than dreading. In no time at all, you’ll see all the benefits from encouraging regular exercise in your children!

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