Gary's Story (Inspr Exchange Outfitter Founder)

This page is about how a simple dream can become a reality, if you believe in yourself.

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Gary's Life In a Nut Shell

From Immigrant to College Dropout

Gary's childhood wasn't much different than anyone elses except for the fact he was in China while growing up from birth to when he was about 9 years old. He Grew up in a middle income class family, while his mother worked at 2 jobs and dad was dying in a hospital from renal failure all while he was 4 years old. Life changed pretty fast and drastically when his mother brought him over to the USA from China. Gary still remember his first ever plane flight, and was just a kid who had no idea that his world was about to change for the better. He was adopted by his father Gary Edward who soon passed away from drinking too much, while Gary was in high school at that time in Long Beach High School in Long Beach MS. Before graduation Gary joined the US Army hoping to build a career in the service while attempting to help his mother pay the bills. But he was soon booted from the Army because of his pre existing condition asthma. So then Gary went to college for computer science and computer engineering when he dropped out because he just had zero passion or motivation for a life in corporate. While Gary was in college he found his outlet,  a place for him to grow both mentally and physically, a gym. When he really got into fitness and made him realize that by getting into fitness he felt better about himself and changed him outlook on life. From that day on forward Gary still pursue a life of fitness and continues better himself. (Watch Wlox News Interview for his story to make more sense.)

Failed Business Ventures

While Gary was in high school, he knew he was built different not just because of the fact he came from a different culture but the fact he spoke 2 languages made him different. He wasn't voted most likely to succeed he wasn't voted for anything, but he knew he was put on this earth for something. He realized he has a life that nobody else has, he has a different perspective of life in general differ than others. He realized if he was still in China his life would have turned out for the worst, and every day in the USA he wakes up knowing that he can do anything he puts his mind to. 

What made Gary Different:

  • Law Care Business—When Gary got his first client as a law care businessman while in high school he realized that money can be made by providing a service, but that business failed because he didn't have the resources to keep going while his business partner quit on him.
  • Insurance Sales— Gary got into the Insurance business while he was in college, and made his commission payout and realized that thousands can be made by selling goods within hours. He didn't pursue it mainly because at that time it took alot of effort and Gary was still trying to figure out what he meant to do.
  • Car Sales—Gary started selling cars at the same time he was selling insurance, but realized how hard it was to make a living in the car business, while getting screwed at both ends of the sale spectrum he quit and became a nail tech but soon realizing that he made good money but wasn't what he was passionate about and started truck driving. 
  • Trucking—Gary started trucking after he worked as a nail tech, but soon realizing that trucking wasn't for him mainly because of how unhealthy his lifestyle was, eating junk food all day and working in a dangerous field made him realize that trucking wasn't for him either.

Started from the Bedroom

After Gary made up his mind to quit as a truck driver, he was unemployed so he got a job at homedepot and started out as paint associate. He got home and looked at his computer and at that time he didn't know there was so many competition in the clothing lines business. So he got on his computer and started building a dropshipping store online, little did he knew that his drop shipping store would become an actual brand.

From Truck Driver to Fashtionista

While Gary was working at homedepot he got fired because he was just fed up at how he was being treated by management and said screw it. So Gary was back at square one, but he knew he was holding a CDL so he got a job as a trucker again but stayed local. He was working for knight transportation delivering containers to port authority while building his clothing brand. 

Inspring Others To Make Changes

Gary was defying odds at every turn while he kept getting knocked down, but what he will never ever do is stay down. Till this day he is still defying odds everyday from opening his first ecommerce store to opening his first kiosk at the mall to opening his first store front and continue building his brand till this day.

* Gary didn't focus on bodybuilding until his first year in college.
* Gary didn't know dreams were possible until he came to the US.
* Gary is now building the next Under Armor, The Next GymShark, The Next Nike, all because he is too stubborn to give up for the 9-5 life.
* Gary now works 24/7 because he can't work 40 hours a week.

The story is to let everyone know that dreams can happen in your lifetime, just never stay down and keep defying odds. Yes you will hit obstacles, yes you will get knocked down. Yes your friends won't believe in you. But at the end of the day when you look in the mirror, is the person in the mirror proud of you?