Meet the CEO & Founder

Gary has always been an entrepreneur at heart and he made it his goal to succeed in life. When you're born into a family with low income, there aren't many opportunities for upward mobility unless your fantasies include living on the streets or becoming rich from honest work like being homeless person who panhandles downtown during rush hour traffic! But Gary didn’t want any part of that lifestyle so instead set out onto new journey--that would lead him down different path than most people around town but just as fulfilling: leading others towards their dreams while making yours come true too...

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Gary Vestal CEO

Gary was born in a small town in China to immigrant parents. They were hardworking people, but they never had much money. Gary always dreamed of having a better life, so he started his first business when he was just 16 years old. He was still in high school at Long Beach High School in Long Beach MS, but he knew that he wanted to make something of himself. He joined the US military at 17 and after dropping out of college, he started selling insurance and cars. He worked hard and made sure that he never went back to the life his parents had. No matter what life threw at him, Gary was determined to succeed. And he did! He has a roadmap that'll let him stay focused on what matters, and what his gameplan is for the future of his company.

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My Mission is To Inspire Others, and Put Hope back Into Humanity

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Connecting Entrepreneurs with OEM Manufactures

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