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High Quality Garments in BULKS

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Simply put the Backend Process

The manufacturing process is very complicated if you jump in without any background in this process. We are here as a broker (Vestal Imports & Exports LLC) separate from our Parent company (Vestal Group LLC) Inspr Exchange Outfitter. What we do here is to simply get you the merchandise you need to jump start your business without the hassles of dealing with backend manufacturing. 

Your Source in Garment Manufacturing

As a broker it is our job to make sure you get what you want. However you want it, it's up to you to choose and design how you want your merchandise made. This process is complicated as well but we are here to walk you through it. Since we as a company already have a business relationship built, we can expedite the process because of our trustful business relationship. Because of our service in connecting clients and production factories there is a fee depending on your order volume. Due to the complication nature of this business, we can't help you if your budget is less then 3,000$.

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The ordering process can be as simple as 1,2,3 when on paper or laid out in a manner most clients can understand. 

1. Product Selection from samples.
2. Fabric and Textile.
3. Working Capital calculations.
4. Logo Printing process from (Screen Printing to Cut and Sew Process.)
5. If it's a large quantity order over 25,000$ in USD Currency, this will require more underwriting effort. In order to verify the funds are legit and that quality control is assured.
6. Shipping and Handling, you can expect your shipment to arrive 30-45 days after the initial order process. Factory turn around time is anywhere between 5-10 business days.

Looking to Buy Garment in Bulks?

Contact us through email at Garyvestal@InsprExchange.com or GIve us a call at 1-251-232-5035.

Branding Options

From logo designs to printing process we can expedite this process for you as well. Since there are many ways to print your logos onto the apparels, we must learn everything you want in order for us to further assist you.  

Airship or Seaship?

Since most production companies are located overseas, shipping is also a cost factor you'll have to include into your budget. Since shipment costs are calculated based on weight and port authority fees. Container cost will also be a factor, LTC (Less Than Container Load) or CL (Container Load) Please fill out the contact form below, and we'll be in touch shortly.

APlease fill out this form to initiate first contact with us, so we can assist you in a timely manner. Please note vestal group lcc is the parent company of inspr exchange outfitter. The manufacturing broker subbranch is under vestal import & exports llc. Please also note we do not copy copyrighted products of name brands or in association with replicas. we are under federal law to operate legally as we have to obey federal laws and custom laws. if you are looking for replicas we cannot help you.